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55% off of our Microblading and Faux Mink Package!

This package provides:

  • one appointment for Microblading
  • one touch up appointment for Microblading
  • one full set of our Faux Mink Individual Eyelash Extensions


 Using only Xtreme Lashes lightweight, hypoallergenic materials we insure healthy, safe, and natural looking results that produce long lasting, exquisite eyelashes each and every time.


Not only will you be able to wake up with long and beautiful eyelashes, but you will also never need to spend another moment in your morning routine shading in your eyebrows! Let us provide you with the luxury of  effortlessly waking up to perfect eyebrows every morning with this new, natural-looking, semi-permanent technique! Microblading  is a process done via a blade which consists of micro-needles. The artist will match the color of the hair with ink and the ink is lightly inserted into the superficial layers (epidermis layer) of the skin. The artist creates hair like strokes in order to create a fuller, natural brow design. 

Gift Certificate: Microblading + Full Set Of Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

$640.00 Regular Price
$300.80Sale Price
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